Summer Time Drinks

Not everyone wants to drink hot coffee on a 90 degree day. But this doesn’t mean we give up the beverage for the entire summer. That would be absurd.

So, to help you, my readers, out, I’ve done research on some summer coffee drinks. Hold on to your margarita shaker. You’re gonna need it!

Lattes are easy enough because milk is pretty great cold as well.

Iced coffee can be delicious and refreshing, if milk is too heavy for you on a hot day. But make sure thought is put into how it’s made. Ive had iced coffee made from a Toddy, a 24 hour cold brew method. I’ve also had iced coffee made from a special roast just for icing. Have you had iced coffee any other ways?

Americanos over ice are bold, a little too much for me. But, Ive had one shaken with orange peel and simple syrup. it’s perfect for sipping.

But, what I really want to shed light on is the coffee spritzer. Since my discovery of this smooth and delicate drink, I’ve known my summer espresso drink search has been over. The first I had was from one of my favorite coffee shops in Nashville called Crema. Named Aida it has a pomegranate molasses and honey syrup mixed with Perrier and espresso. Woah!

My fear with iced espresso drinks has always been I want it to be either smooth or strong. Both at the same time leaves me having to choose, and I’d rather not. I want my main concern while sipping to be what words to use to describe the lovely drink.

My experience with The Aida was nothing of this sort. First off, knowing your espresso’s flavor profile is so important. The pomegranate and molasses complement the espresso so well. It tasted natural. And then the Perrier. I really don’t care for it alone, but when I sipped that instead of carbonated water it was exactly what I wanted.

What kinds of summer drinks are you working on? Let me know! I want to try them out. If it’s good maybe it’ll end up on my blog.


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