More Winter Drinks, Throwdowns, Manual Brew Bars and Roasters in Nashville!

It’s almost Thanksgiving and there’s talk of deep frying turkeys and sweet potato casserole here in Nashville. But, this holiday isn’t stopping the coffee world. It’s actually making huge strides forward.

Last week Bongo Java had yet another seasonal signature drink competition. Some of the winners include a Rosemary Latte, Gingerbread Latte, and a Jasmine Vanilla Latte. Remember, all of these syrups have to be homemade. The Rosemary Latte will be available at all Bongo Java stores. The others can be found at the creator’s cafe. The idea behind this is for each Bongo store to have their own set of seasonal, unique drinks made in-house. Keep your eyes open for these to appear on the menus within the next few weeks.

Hot & Cold turns one year old tomorrow, November 22, and what better way to celebrate than with a Throwdown? It’s $5 to buy in and winners will get special prizes such as a Kalita, a subscription to Barista Magazine, and a Bongo Java gift card. Also, the store will be unveiling its manual brew bar. Come out and celebrate! Registration is at 6 pm and the throwdown starts a 7.

Crema has begun roasting! With it has come a remodel to the store. It’s bigger, even cozier than before and there’s a great bar to sit at if you want to look in on the roasting process. Check back for more of the story!

Enjoy Thanksgiving, Nashville! When you’re thinking of what you’re thankful for this year make sure to remember the baristas and the coffee they serve that start your day out just right.


About Chelsea Kallman

I am a Barista Journalist - a baristaist, journalista, barnalist? Anyway you pour it, I love coffee and writing about the whereabouts, who-abouts and what-abouts of it. Follow me @chelseakallman on Twitter! View all posts by Chelsea Kallman

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