No One Wants Bitter Coffee.

There’s this “herbal coffee” called Teecino. It claims to offer all the taste of coffee without the caffeine and bitterness. When I read the label, and furthermore, sipped it, I was saddened. It became very clear to me most people are missing the point of coffee, which is to enjoy it for all of its flavors.

Teecino is made from carob, barley, chicory root, dates, figs, nuts and dandelion root. Sure, when you roast, grind and brew all those things together it sort of tastes like a really weak coffee, but the fact is, it still isn’t the real thing.

Coffee is 300 times more complex than wine. If that’s the case then why do we still have people complaining they don’t drink coffee because it’s too bitter for them? Why do we have companies making a fake coffee just so people don’t have to drink the real thing? Teecino believes coffee at it’s roots is supposed to overdose you on caffeine and taste bitter. Where have we gone wrong?

Baristas, we meet people everyday that want something sweeter, something watered down, something that tastes as far from coffee as possible. For working in an industry where we’re supposed to spotlight coffee, at times it seems we do a great job of masking it.

What can we do differently? What kind of time and care do we need to put into this beverage that we all know is so flavorful, rich and unique time and time again? How do we change people’s minds? It’s ok if someone doesn’t like coffee because they don’t like the taste of it, but lets make sure they don’t like the real taste, not the bitterness that marks a careless cup.


About Chelsea Kallman

I am a Barista Journalist - a baristaist, journalista, barnalist? Anyway you pour it, I love coffee and writing about the whereabouts, who-abouts and what-abouts of it. Follow me @chelseakallman on Twitter! View all posts by Chelsea Kallman

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