I’m Calling You Out


Is it surprising that our customers just want to feel accepted when they come in to our shops                             for their daily coffee?



I don’t think it should be. We are all customers who just want to have a good experience when we go somewhere and pay for what is supposed to be a delicious drink or a unique sandwich. We no longer just want the item, we want the whole experience.

Maybe you see this as a bad thing and you think customers shouldn’t feel so entitled, but I think it’s great. It forces even low price point service industries to step up their game.

As baristas, and others in the service industry, we need to be aware of this. How are you interacting with the customer? Do they feel dumb? Unwanted? Like they don’t belong in your amazing coffee shop?

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s hard to be nice to every customer, because maybe not everyone knows to not talk to me when I have 15 drinks to make. Place whatever it is that ticks you off in this scenario. I think it’s worth it to strive for a better barista-customer relationship, even when the line is out the door and your slammed and won’t get to take a break that day.

We work in an industry that’s not about us in the slightest. Too often I see baristas, myself included, upset because they thought it was about them in the first place, and now their day is messed up. But you are at your coffee shop, working that shift, because the customers are there and want drinks and food and they want it now. It was never about you to begin with.

We’ve all had bad service experiences and they usually make us never want to go to that place again. I’m challenging you to not be a part of someone’s day turning sour because of their barista. There’s no need to enhance the perturbed barista stereotype. That’s something to be embarrassed of anyways.


About Chelsea Kallman

I am a Barista Journalist - a baristaist, journalista, barnalist? Anyway you pour it, I love coffee and writing about the whereabouts, who-abouts and what-abouts of it. Follow me @chelseakallman on Twitter! View all posts by Chelsea Kallman

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