Crema wins 2nd place in Roaster’s Choice Competition

A few baristas and roasters from Crema spent a week in Portland and came back with exciting news.

They are the 2nd place winners of The Roaster’s Choice Competition at the SCAA.

This is a big deal so I wanted to applaud Crema publicly for what they’ve accomplished. Anyone could have entered a roast but for their shop in its infancy to win second place at one of the few national coffee conferences says a lot to the quality of the beans and the skill the roasters have. Congratulations!

30 roasts entered and were cupped by Q tasters. The top 5 were then blind cupped by SCAA attendees throughout the week and voted on.

The roast is the El Salvador Finca Suiza. You can try it out in their shop brewed with a Kalita.



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