At Home Brewing: A Series

I’ve noticed most of the time when people talk to me about my blog they say,

“Yeah, I always read it, but I don’t really get what you’re talking about.”

This sounds bad. But, it’s not. This just shows me more non-coffee professionals are reading my blog, or at least are talking to me more about it.

Some people, the people who don’t always get what I’m saying, have come to me and said they want easy, cheap ways to make good coffee at home.

So, in response to your curiosity (thank you for it, by the way) may I introduce you to The Barista Blog’s first series:

At Home Brewing with Jamie Cunningham


Jamie is Bongo Java’s protector of quality. He makes sure all the cafes are making only the best drinks and he brainstorms ways on how to make them even better. This guy knows his stuff.

I recently sat down with him to talk about all the ways that you, my readers, can make excellent coffee at home. He’s a very thorough man so he talked about everything you’ll need; brands, prices, methods and he even dispelled some myths! I’m so excited to share this with you guys. Your coffee life is going to change for the better with every post you read.

But, of course I don’t want to overload you with info, so for the next week I’m going to post every day a new addition to your coffee tools and everything you might want to know about it. I’m giving you bite size pieces!

Here’s an outline of what’s to come:

Tuesday:  Baby Step Changes – What to do before you have the stuff, but what you’ll need to make it even better

Wednesday:  The Importance of the Grinder and what the heck burrs are

Thursday:  Kettles and Scales

Friday:  Choose Your Method – Jamie clears the air about French Pressing

So, keep in touch. Let me know what you think of all this new information. I hope you’re stirred to try it. Ask more questions. Keep the conversation going. I know that’s how I learn – maybe you do too?


About Chelsea Kallman

I am a Barista Journalist - a baristaist, journalista, barnalist? Anyway you pour it, I love coffee and writing about the whereabouts, who-abouts and what-abouts of it. Follow me @chelseakallman on Twitter! View all posts by Chelsea Kallman

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