Kettles & Scales

If you’re going to go the manual brew method route then you’re going to need a kettle. More importantly, you’re going to want a kettle that’s easy to pour from and control your steam. This means you’re going to want a gooseneck spout. Look how cute they are!

There are several brands that have great gooseneck spouts.

Hario $60 This is the one shown above. They don’t have an electric version yet, but it’s beautiful and easy to work with.

Bonavita $60 has an electric kettle with a gooseneck

Whether you want electric or traditional is up to you. I keep a traditional kettle at home because I like the look of it better, but many mornings I wish I had an electric kettle because it makes your water boil much faster.

Now, I’ve already mentioned scales, but lets talk brands. You want a digital, gram scale. These are very easy to work with. They typically switch back and forth from grams to ounces and tare out with a touch of a button.

AWS is a brand that creates jewelry scales, but they have moved to kitchen scales as well. They can weigh to the 10th of an ounce and tend to be very precise. They’re also very affordable. For the scales that hold heavier materials they cost up to $35.

“I’ve used scales that are $120 or more and they don’t work any better than this scale. In fact, they’re often a little more difficult to use,” said Jamie.

So, don’t waste the money. Find yourself a great scale for $30 to $40 and you’ll just have to change the batteries every so often, unless you dump a bunch of water on it and then it might be a different story.


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