The Well Coffeehouse

Coffee shops exist for a mixture of reasons. Usually cafes will have the perfect cocktail of brand, service and atmosphere. But, some stores have a heavier focus on one aspect than another. For the soon to be open Well Coffeehouse the whole point is to have a welcoming environment.

Rob Touchstone is the co-founder of The Well. He’s a full time youth minster and part time bible professor at Lipscomb. He says the point of The Well is to show what the kingdom of God looks like today.

“My answer to that and really thinking it through was not so much church buildings with steeples, you know stained glass, but you know, it would look more like a coffee house. A place where everyone would feel welcome to come in and not feel intimidated because they’re not dressed right, look right or well behaved enough,” said Rob.

The idea of the shop is based on a Bible story where Jesus meets a woman at a well. In their culture, a good Jewish man like Jesus would never talk to a Samaritan woman who has had many husbands. When Jesus tells her He is the living water she asks to have some of it so she can experience what He means. Jesus tells her things are changing. He implies you don’t have to be a certain way to have his love, his living water.

This is what The Well is, a coffee shop and meeting place where everyone can come in and enjoy a coffee, no matter what they believe or where they are in life.

Going further though, the shop also wants to be missional in Nashville and even globally. They’ll be giving away most of their profits to organizations such as Blood Water Mission, Project 117 and Mission Lazarus.

Keeping in theme with the name they will focus on clean water initiatives in countries such as Ethiopia. They’re sending a board member to start the first sponsorship so they can actually know the people they’re helping and do more than just write a check for someone.

“We have really no business, I don’t think, acting like we’re passionate about missions if we’re not willing to do it right here as well as globally,” said Rob.

To serve local initiatives they’ll have the Wishing Well. People can come in and post needs, whether it is monetary or physical. Customers will be encouraged to fill those needs. There’s no guarantee of it happening though. Rob says it’s kind of like throwing a coin into a wishing well. He hopes this will be a staging point for people to start serving in their own community.

The main point of The Well is to make people feel welcome. They don’t want it to be “the religious coffee house.” They just want to get to know people and accept them for themselves.

The Technicals

The Well will sell Just Love Coffee and One Village Coffee. Both of these roasters are mission-focused organizations.

They will also offer a pour over bar featuring Chemex.

There won’t be a full food menu, but pastries and bagels will be sold.

When? The store plans to open sometime in June. There isn’t a set grand opening date yet, so keep your eyes open for more info.

Where:  The heart of Green Hills, in a renovated Burger King, think old barn wood everywhere, across from Trader Joes, kind of


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