The New Kid on the Block – Barista Parlor

I’ve long had a picture of what my dream coffee shop would look, sound, and feel like. Big, open, inviting, top of the line equipment, friendly baristas, and the best coffee around – If I could paint I’d make a picture and then upload it so you can see what’s in my head.

But, I can’t paint. So, I’ll just cut to the chase.

When Barista Parlor opened I walked in, gasped and then fell in love. This shop is the closest I’ve ever come to stepping into what I’ve created in my mind.

Look how beautiful it is!

So, you’d imagine how flattergasted (my new word for flattered and flabbergasted) I felt when they asked me to work here!

I thought to myself, “You mean, I get to be the really nice barista standing in front of the 20 foot wooden table, ringing people up on the ipad, making them pourovers, and pulling shots on a Slayer espresso machine?!?! Nuh uh!”

But, I woke up the next day and yes, friends, it was still true.

As if I haven’t already said it without saying it, I am very proud to announce I am a member of Barista Parlor’s stellar team.

I know there’s been a ton of hype around this shop. It seems like everyone knows Andy Mumma, the proprietor. He’s been in coffee for about 15 years.

But, I wanted to give you, my lovely readers, a Barista Blog welcome to the shop that should be your new fave place in Nashville.  (Ok, you can go other places too. I mean, they’re only open until 6 in the evening anyways.)

Barista Parlor focuses on the experience from start to finish. Walking in for the first time, you’ll notice the 30-foot high ceiling in this renovated auto shop. There are 4 garage doors that open on the nicest days with convenient screens that fit into them when the bugs get a little crazy.

All the tables are made out of huge planks of wood. It’s like going to five different family style dinners at once. But, if you need to get stuff done and don’t want to hear the conversation next to you there are some two-top tables off to the side as well.

They were lucky enough to get the beautiful ladies at OMG to decorate for them. Yes, there are antlers and taxidermy.

Oh yeah, and there’s this huge mural on the back wall by Bryce McCloud from Isle of Printing. It’s a pixelated picture of a ship that gets clearer when you take a photo with your iPhone.

They have sausage biscuits made with meat from Porter Road Butcher, their next-door neighbor. Chocolates line the front counter from Mast Brothers, Dick Taylor, Sweeteeth and, of course, Olive & Sinclair.

And then there’s the piece de resistance – the coffee – handcrafted by the cup. If you want it black then there’s a list of the roasters of the moment, the origin or blend offered and tasting notes on each. You want a coffee that tastes like blackberry jam and apricots? They have it. Melons and citrus? Yup. And then, once you make your choice, they brew it pour-over style with a V-60. The roasters are changing all the time, but right now they have Intelligentsia, Madcap, Coava, Counter Culture and Sightglass.

They have a Slayer espresso machine with three different rotating espressos to choose from. Do I even need to explain how beautiful this is?

My favorite part? The baristas are like a family inviting you to take part and join in their home. (Well, two of them are actually married.) They talk to you and explain things as simply as possible so you can worry about the most important part of your visit – enjoying it. I am so pumped to be a part of this.

So, forgive me if I’m totally biased, braggy or overly excited. But, please admit with me that there is actually something to talk about here.

Call it what you will – over the top, too few options, or just nice to visit once in a while – but I’ll choose to call it a game-changer.

Come see for yourself.

Barista Parlor’s address is 519B Gallatin Ave.


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