Chelsea Kallman’s Bio & Resume

Let’s start with the important stuff:  Full disclosure, I am employed by Barista Parlor. No, they do not ask me to write about them on this blog. My goal with this site is to take Nashville coffee news and share it with anyone interested, so that includes what’s happening at Barista Parlor.

I’ve been a barista since 2008 and I love it. I was trying to get a job at Starbucks when I was 14 years-old. I’ve moved on to bigger and better things since then. I’ve spent time on the bar, making food and managing a shop. The early mornings may be tiring but they’re always worth it.

I’m also a journalist and a graduate of Belmont University. I spent four years honing my writing skills and trying out new forms of media.

I write and create many stories and multimedia projects for pleasure but, my professional accomplishments include:

Writing and Photography for Barista Magazine, writing, Capitol hill reporter and intern for WPLN, Nashville’s NPR station, social media for several shops, and writing, photography and video for Lifehouse Church.

This is a link to my online writing samples. Though not completely extensive (I don’t want to bore you!) it is an accurate taste of my style and strong suits.

My email address is


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